8 Ways to Host a Tech-Savvy Wedding

The information age is upon us, and there’s no reason you can’t include some fun techy things in your celebration! Here are some great options for hosting a tech-savvy wedding.

Vintage Glam Wedding Theme Inspiration

If you’re thinking of having a vintage wedding theme, you are probably the type of person who loves a dramatic event…one with style, culture, and a sparkle of old Hollywood glamour. If you’re into the type of parties that Gatsby would throw, this is the perfect wedding theme for you.

Second Wedding Etiquette

Second marriages are more common than ever before, and it can be tough to know how to handle a second wedding, with old school traditions and your family chiming in telling you what “the right thing to do” is. If you’re getting remarried and not sure how to handle it, here’s some basic info.

Mrs Canvas Tote

What better gift for the bride than her first official “Mrs!” This whimsical canvas tote has “Mrs” printed in gold glitter, along with webbed canvas handles.

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