mother of the bride duties

Mother of the Bride Duties

Every mother looks forward to seeing her baby girl get married, but for some reason, the responsibilities that come along with being the Mother of the Bride – known as the MOB – may go unchecked, even when you have the best of intentions. Here’s a complete list of what you should be doing throughout the engagement process through the day of the wedding.

   Mother of the Bride Duties

  • Stay calm. The bride will be freaking out at points – don’t mirror the behavior. Keep yourself together, and your daughter will eventually follow suit with your calming presence
  • Shop with the bride for her gown (and bridesmaid dresses if she requests you be there)
  • Attend dress fittings with the bride and learn how to bustle the dress
  • Reach out to the mother of the groom if you haven’t yet met
  • Choose a dress that the bride approves of for the wedding day, and let the groom’s mom know what it looks like so she can get an outfit that doesn’t clash
  • Provide names and addresses of who you would like to invite to the wedding (and do not get offended or make demands if not all of your submissions end up being invited – it’s their day). Separate your list into categories of A, B & C to show which people are most important to invite
  • Help the bride & groom address invitations
  • Follow up on guests’ late RSVPs
  • Attend bridal shower
  • Attend rehearsal dinner
  • Speak with Maid of Honor regarding Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed & Something Blue to see if any family heirlooms can be incorporated
  • Pose for photos for photographer while getting ready the day of the wedding
  • Help the bride get dressed for the ceremony
  • MOB is the last person seated before the wedding begins, signaling that the wedding is starting
  • MOB is the first person to get up and exit directly after the wedding party
  • If you are hosting the wedding, stand in the receiving line, if there is one
  • Pose for family photos after the ceremony
  • Help make sure the reception runs smoothly – including greeting guests and getting down on the dance floor!
  • Be a shoulder to cry on when she needs it…and she will need it at some point

In general, your main job is to help your daughter in any way that she needs – whether that’s logistically or emotionally. Planning a wedding is not easy, and your daughter will be especially thankful if you make this important time a little easier on her.

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