what to pack in a wedding day emergency kit

Everything You Need to Pack in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Any former bride will tell you that a “bridal emergency kit” is a must. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. You never know what crazy thing will happen on your wedding day- I personally had to use safety pins, a sewing kit, and a tide pen! Here’s a complete list to cover all the bases in case of emergency on your wedding day.

  • Allergy medication: you never know when your allergies will act up, especially at an outdoor wedding or with outdoor photos. Avoid any medications that will make you drowsy.
  • Antacid: Avoid a major stomach or acid reflux situation.
  • Antibacterial Wipes: Avoid leaning up against wet sinks and use hand wipes instead.
  • Bobby Pins, Comb & Hairspray: If your hair starts to come loose, you’ll want to get it set back in place without any flyaways.
  • Oil Absorbing Sheets: You’ll likely be stressing, and this can cause your face to get oily. Avoid shiny photos with these natural absorbing sheets.
  • Compact: You’ll want a mirror to keep in your clutch so you can always make sure your make up is on point throughout the night.
  • Deodorant: Always have extra on hand…it’s a nerve wracking day.
  • Earring Backs: The last thing you want is to have an earring go missing.
  • Extra contacts: All the crying can make your eyes go dry or make your contacts fall out, so you’ll want to have extras.
  • Eye Drops: Crying (or even hotel air) can dry your eyes out, so keep comfortable with some extra drops.
  • First Aid Kit: In the event of any true emergencies, you don’t want to rely on the hotel to have everything you need, so bring your own kit.
  • Floss: You’re not exempt from a food in the teeth disaster on your wedding night.
  • Lotion: Keep your hands from cracking and bleeding by keeping them well hydrated. Hands are in photos too, especially in pictures of your rings!everything you need to pack in your wedding day emergency kit
  • Makeup & Makeup Utensils: You’ll need to update your lipstick several times throughout the evening for photos, and to be safe, keep all other makeup available in case you need to touch anything else up. You’ll be sweating, and makeup may run!
  • Mouth Wash/Breath mints: You’ll be doing lots of kissing, so be sure to stay fresh.
  • Nail Polish & File: Fix any chips that occur at the last minute.
  • Pain reliever: For headaches and/or cramps.
  • Pens: You’ll need to sign the marriage license with something!
  • Safety Pins: The latch at the top of my dress flew off when I leaned over to pee, and a safety pin was the only thing that could hold the dress together!
  • Scissors: Any extra threads can be clipped in no time.
  • Sewing Kit: If anyone’s hem comes undone (this happened to my mom’s dress), you’ll be ready.
  • Straws: Avoid lipstick on your teeth and losing lip color and use straws for drinks.
  • Tampons: You never know when tragedy will strike.
  • Tide to Go Pen: You’ll want this in case of any spills. You’d be surprised how often spills happen.
  • Tissues: There will certainly be lots of tears..if not from you, then definitely your friends and family! You can even get personalized tissues made.
  • Tweezers: Be ready for any stray hairs that need plucking.
  • Water: It is essential to stay hydrated… and you won’t believe how quickly your mouth goes dry when you’re nervous.

If you’d rather save the hassle and get a kit that’s already put together for you, choose this pre-made emergency kit!

Feature photo courtesy of JLB Wedding.

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