Romantic Wedding | Choosing Your Wedding Theme

If you’re interested in a romantic wedding theme, you’re probably a dreamer, and perhaps your biggest dream is about your wedding day.  The whole event should have an ethereal feel, from the floral arrangements to the wedding gown.

Romantic Wedding Theme

 Every wedding guest will be feeling the love between you and your new spouse!

Romantic Wedding Venue Types

A hotel ballroom; a vineyard; a castle or estate. Somewhere enchanting and alluring will fit best with a romantic wedding theme.

Romantic Wedding Dress

You have lots of dress options that correspond with a romantic wedding theme, including a ball gown with tulle or a lace A-line or a fit and flare. Any size train is appropriate, but if the venue is outside, you’ll probably want to skip the train.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Long and flowy dresses in organza and chiffon fabrics are dreamy and romantic.


Formal tuxedos in black or grey.

Romantic Wedding Colors

Blush & ivory; light pink & gold; lilac & ivory; tiffany blue & light gold. Keeping wedding colors light exudes romance.

Romantic Wedding Decor

Think tons of candles in hurricane jars lining the aisle, a directional sign to guide your wedding guests, and your favorite quotes about love as part of the centerpiece at each table.

Reception / Food Style

The venues for romantic wedding themes tend to be upscale, so you should have a plated meal with passed hors d’oeuvres.

Romantic Stationery

The first piece of mail that your guests receive from you should give off the vibe for what type of wedding you’re having.  Romantic wedding theme stationery should be soft, sweet and alluring.

Romantic weddings are fun to attend because you can really tell how much the newlyweds love each other.  If you’re a romantic at heart, a romantic wedding theme is the perfect choice to start your new life together.

Rustic Chic Wedding Theme | Choosing Your Wedding Theme

Rustic Chic Wedding Theme

Country girls, rejoice: rustic weddings are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why.  They’re charming without being over the top, they’re simple without being dull, and the options for decor are simply stunning.

Here are some ideas for a rustic wedding theme that you’ll adore.

Rustic Chic Venue types

A barn or a garden. Keep it simple.

Rustic Chic Wedding dress

Lace gowns are made for romantic rustic weddings. Choose a fit and flare or A-line with medium to no train as trains do not fare well in outdoor settings.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Short and flirty in light fabrics.  Rustic wedding themes are not as formal and they also get pretty hot, so a short bridesmaid dress is the most appropriate for an outdoor wedding. It just makes it that much easier for everyone on the dance floor!

Groom/Groomsmen attire

Tux or suit in linen fabrics in lighter colors such as grey or tan.

Rustic Wedding Color Ideas

Peach and grey; blush and white; pink & grey. Wedding colors should be romantic without being too formal.

Rustic Chic Wedding Décor

Think string lights connecting the trees, peonies in mason jars, a chalkboard listing your signature drink and sparklers for your guests to hold as you exit and begin your new life together.

rustic chic wedding decor
Mason Jar Beverage Dispenser with Chalkboard

Reception / Food Style

Upscale Barbeque or Comfort Food in a buffet.  One of the best things about a rustic wedding theme is that your guests will love the down-home feel of their favorite foods.

Rustic Wedding Stationery

The first piece of mail that your guests receive from you should give off the vibe for what type of wedding you’re having.  Rustic wedding theme stationery should be simple but fun with a twinge of romance.

Rustic chic weddings are just that; they’re simple but cute, they’re fun, and they’re country with a modern twist. You’ll love the charming vibe of a rustic chic wedding theme.

Modern Wedding Theme | Choosing Your Wedding Theme

Modern Wedding Theme

Young couples with a refined sense of style tend to lean toward having modern wedding themes.  It’s cool, it’s fresh and it’s yet to be overdone. Here are some ideas to keep your modern wedding theme cohesive.

Wedding Venue

Your venue should have a simple, cold background that you can warm up with your decor. A warehouse, a bar or hotel rooftop in a major city, or a loft are all great modern wedding options.

Wedding Dress

A short or long dress can work.  If you go for a traditional length dress, choose something with tons of structure and clean lines. No matter the style, choose a luxe fabric such as silk or charmeuse.

Bridesmaid Dress

Short cocktail dresses, but nothing poofy as that can be seen as a little too cutesy. Don’t be afraid of shine!


Black or grey tuxedo in a slim cut with a pocket square. Keep it clean.

Modern Wedding Color Ideas

White and grey, black and light yellow and light green, grey and orange, and slate and wine all complement each other nicely.  Stay away from two bright colors together as it doesn’t fit the modern theme.

Reception / Food

Tapas (tons of small plate options) is all the rage right now. Finish the evening with a late night pizza snack.

Modern Wedding Decor

Think tons of high top tables, calla lilies in square vases, and paper lanterns. Keep everything simple and uncluttered.

Modern Wedding Stationery

The first piece of mail that your guests receive from you should give off the vibe for what type of wedding you’re having. Your stationery should have modern fonts with not a lot of fuss.  Modern is all about chic simplicity.

Modern weddings are the epitome of cool. They’re sleek and stylish and perfect for a young couple.  If you’re edgy or contemporary, a modern wedding theme is perfect for your big day.

Fall Wedding Theme | Choosing Your Wedding Theme

Fall Wedding Theme | Fall Wedding Ideas

There’s something about fall that’s very romantic…the leaves are changing colors into beautiful reds and yellows, and the weather is just right for snuggling in a sweatshirt.  Fall wedding themes are great because you (and your wedding party) don’t have to deal with extreme heat or extreme cold. They’re also great because there are tons of options to choose from to make your wedding an amazing event.

Fall Wedding Venue

If your wedding is in early fall or you live in a state with a mild autumn, consider having it at an outdoor setting to capture the beautiful colors, such as at a state park or a cider mill. A late fall wedding should be indoors so as to be polite to your guests and your wedding party…the last thing you want is for your guests to be freezing cold! Country clubs or a rented out restaurant overlooking trees outside are great options for the reception.

Fall Wedding Colors

Go for rich colors that complement each other. Tangerine & chocolate brown, eggplant & pumpkin, cranberry & bronze, dark red & light orange are all gorgeous, rich color palettes.

Fall Wedding Dress

If your wedding is outdoors, a lace fit and flare or A-line is a great option. If the wedding is indoors, lucky you! Pretty much any style of wedding gown works from ball gowns to mermaids.  Just make sure the dress is long!

Fall Bridesmaids Dresses

Long dresses are the best option for bridesmaids for a fall wedding theme.  Fabrics like chiffon, satin, and charmeuse are great for the weather.


Dark colored tuxedos or upscale suits work best. If your groom is into it, try a luxe fabric like velvet on the jacket.

Fall Wedding Stationery

Your Save the Dates for a fall wedding theme can be cutesy or formal, depending on how you foresee your wedding day.

Fall weddings are warm, inviting, and lovely.  If autumn is your favorite time of the year, why not have your favorite day of the year then, too?

Winter Wonderland Wedding | Choosing Your Wedding Theme

Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme

There’s something magical about snow, isn’t there? Part of what makes a Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme so romantic is that it does have that ‘magic’ feel. Getting married in the wintertime has its advantages.  Sometimes the venue is less expensive because you’re not in the typical “wedding season”, which also means you won’t be overlapping with your friends’ weddings! Trust me, you won’t have to compromise on the glamour at all.


A formal ballroom or a ski lodge are great options for winter weddings. For a more intimate feel, rent out a property with multiple luxury cabins. That way you can have the wedding, reception and sleeping quarters all in once place!

Wedding Dress

Go for a ball gown and a faux fur bolero and muff to keep warm without compromising style.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Long dresses in heavy fabrics such as silk, satin or even lace.


Typical dark colored tuxedos are appropriate.

Winter Wonderland Color Ideas

Any shade of blue & silver; all ivory; dark purple or lilac & silver; deep red & gold; maroon & dark blue


Think faux tree branches spray painted frosty white, tall glass floral centerpieces with crystals hanging like chandeliers, and sheer white drapery hanging from the ceiling.

Food Style

Dependent on your venue you may have it catered or your venue may supply the food.  Try to do a plated meal as winter weddings have a formal feel.

Winter Wonderland Stationery

Your wedding stationery should give a feel for what type of wedding you’re having. For a Winter Wonderland wedding theme, stationery should be timeless, elegant and chic.  Shimmer and shine add that little extra something that just says “wintertime.”

Check out some of our favorite Winter Wonderland wedding theme Save the Dates:

Classic snowfall on a dark backdrop is fun yet elegant. Click to See it!
A Simple Snowflake - Click to See More
A Simple Snowflake – Click to See More

Winter Wonderland Theme Wedding Invitations

Nothing says winter wedding like blue and white
Nothing says winter wedding like blue and white – Click to See More


Ice Blue Trees - Click to See More
Ice Blue Trees – Click to See More


For an upscale winter wedding - click to see more
For an upscale winter wedding – click to see more


Formal and Magical - Click to See More
Formal and Magical – Click to See More

There’s not much that’s more romantic than snuggling up to kiss your significant other under snowfall. A Winter Wonderland wedding theme is an amazing way to showcase your love with a gorgeous backdrop and amazing photos. If you’re thinking of having your wedding in the wintertime, don’t hesitate; winter weddings are absolutely stunning.

Beach or Destination Wedding | Choosing Your Wedding Theme

Beach Wedding Theme

Some people were born to be beach bums. If I could, I’d spend every day seaside with a cocktail in hand, and I know I’m not alone in this! Beach weddings range from ultra casual to semi-formal and have a very peaceful, ethereal feel.  Not to mention the backdrop is absolutely gorgeous! Here are some guidelines to follow when choosing a beach wedding theme.

Beach Wedding Venue

Your ceremony will obviously be at the beach, but try a reception space at a restaurant overlooking the water where you were just married. Some hotels have restaurants that are completely open and on the water, and some hotels will even set up your reception space right on the beach with gorgeous drapery.

Beach Wedding Theme Dress

Choose a dress with lightweight fabric. No ball gowns or trains…it will all get caught in the sand.
This beaded, flowing empire dress from Top Wedding is perfect!

beach wedding theme dress
Click to See More!

If you’re interested in going barefoot, opt for these beautiful barefoot sandals on Amazon.

Beach wedding theme Barefoot Sandals
Cute Barefoot Sandals Found on Amazon – Click to See it!


Your  bridesmaids should wear dresses in light fabrics, and nothing poofy. Depending how casual you want your wedding to be, a sundress could work.

This aqua strapless bridesmaid dress from Top Wedding would be perfect!

beach wedding theme bridesmaid dress
Knee Length Featured Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress Designed with Sweetheart Neckline – Click to See More!


The poor guys will be sweating, so make it a little easier on them with suits in linen fabrics in light colors such as tan or grey, or if your wedding is more casual, a nice dress shirt with the sleeves buttoned up.

Wedding Color Ideas

Tropical or ocean themed colors work best for beach weddings. Bright orange and purple, fuchsia and tangerine, turquoise and purple, aqua and white or an all white wedding all work.


Think an altar draped in fabric, candles in hurricane glasses, and glass bottle place card holders with authentic seashell favors from the beach or island where you’re getting married.

Glass Jar Place Card Holder
Click to See More!

Beach Wedding Food

Because beach and destination weddings often have a much smaller guest list, dependent on your venue, you may be able to use a prix fixe menu (full course meal at a fixed price with options) that the guests can order from. Keep the menu light and’ll be too hot to eat heavy!

Beach Wedding Theme Stationery

The first piece of mail your guests receive from you should let them know that your wedding has a beach theme so they’ll know what to expect and how to dress for the occasion. Beach wedding theme stationery should be in the ocean or tropical color family and have an airy feel.

Check out some of my favorite Beach Wedding Save the Dates:

How cute is this wedding ticket themed Save the Date?!

Click To See More!

Sweet Starfish Save the Dates from WeddingPaperDivas

Click to See More!

Adorable Seahorses!

Click to See More!

Dip Your Toes in the Sand

Click to See More!
Some of my favorite Beach Wedding Invitations:

A Tahitian Feel

Click to See More!

A Simple Palm Tree



Beach wedding themes are fun, romantic and beautiful. If you’re thinking about getting married on the beach, go for it.  You’ll absolutely love the way it turns out.  For more Beach Wedding Theme Save the Dates, Invites, Decor and more, click here.

Whimsical Wedding | Choosing Your Wedding Theme

Whimsical wedding themes are perfect for couples who don’t take themselves too seriously. These weddings tend to be more casual and are more about having a blast and celebrating your love than they are about being fancy. Whimsical weddings are probably the most fun to plan because of just that…they’re fun events and they aren’t stuffy.

Whimsical Wedding Theme

Don’t be afraid to be playful or cheeky with your decor!

Whimsical Venues

A public park; an English style garden; a bed & breakfast. Quirky locations work best.

Whimsical Wedding Colors

Bright colors work great for whimsical wedding themes. Orange & aqua, aqua & coral, yellow & light blue all work. As long as they complement each other, try mixing your favorite color and his favorite color!

Whimsical Wedding Food Style

Buffet style, catered.  If your venue allows it, try a DIY bar where you supply the liquor and mixers and everyone can make their own cocktails. (Never have a BYOB event!)

Whimsical Wedding Dress

Short, tea-length or long; A-line or fit and flare gown from bridal salon or dress from any upscale department store both work!

Whimsical Bridesmaid Dresses

Short dresses are appropriate in light fabrics such as cotton or jersey


Linen suits in light colors. Have fun with tie colors.


Think a chalkboard sign for seating, an arch made of tree branches and flowers, and paper lanterns to let into the air at the end of the night.

Whimsical Wedding Stationery

The first piece of mail that your guests receive from you should give off the vibe for what type of wedding you’re having.  Whimsical wedding theme stationery should be fun and informal.

Check out some of my favorite Whimsical Wedding Theme Save the Dates:

The mix of fonts on this magnet from WeddingPaperDivas is super cute!

Whimsical Wedding Save The Dates
Click To See More

An infographic save the date of your love is a perfect option for a Whimsical Wedding Theme!

Infographic Save The Date!
Click to See More

Fun and Straight to the Point Save the Dates

Whimsical Save the Dates
Click to See More

The colors on these invites are gorgeous!

Click to See More

Some of my favorite Whimsical Wedding Invitations:

Love Bird Invitations from WeddingPaperDivas

whimsical wedding invitations
Click to See More

Perfect Summer Dandelions from WeddingPaperDivas

Click to See More

Whimsical wedding themes are so much fun.  Your guests will be thinking about what a great time they had for days to come!