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Vintage Glam Wedding Theme Inspiration

If you’re thinking of having a vintage wedding theme, you are probably the type of person who loves a dramatic event…one with style, culture, and a sparkle of old Hollywood glamour. If you’re into the type of parties that Gatsby would throw, this is the perfect wedding theme for you.

Nautical Wedding Theme | Choosing Your Wedding Theme

Do you and your fiance love spending every free moment on a boat? Do the waves crashing and the big open water speak to your soul? A nautical wedding theme could be the perfect way to marry your love for your future spouse and your love for the water.

Fairytale Wedding Theme | Choosing Your Wedding Theme

Who doesn’t envy the life of a queen? You’re the beautiful center of attention, you’re always dressed to the nines, and your every wish is granted. Who wouldn’t want to be royalty for a day!? A fairytale wedding theme brings together the opulence of medieval times with the romance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Here are some great options for putting together a fairytale wedding.

Romantic Wedding | Choosing Your Wedding Theme

If you’re interested in a romantic wedding theme, you’re probably a dreamer, and perhaps your biggest dream is about your wedding day. The whole event should have an ethereal feel, from the floral arrangements to the wedding gown. Every wedding guest will be feeling the love between you and your new spouse!

Fall Wedding Theme | Choosing Your Wedding Theme

There’s something about fall that’s very romantic…the leaves are changing colors into beautiful reds and yellows, and the weather is just right for snuggling in a sweatshirt. Fall wedding themes are great because you (and your wedding party) don’t have to deal with extreme heat or extreme cold. They’re also great because there are tons of options to choose from to make your wedding an amazing event.

Winter Wonderland Wedding | Choosing Your Wedding Theme

There’s something magical about snow, isn’t there? Part of what makes a Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme so romantic is that it does have that ‘magic’ feel. Getting married in the wintertime has its advantages. Sometimes the venue is less expensive because you’re not in the typical “wedding season”, which also means you won’t be overlapping with your friends’ weddings! Trust me, you won’t have to compromise on the glamour at all.

Beach or Destination Wedding | Choosing Your Wedding Theme

Some people were born to be beach bums. If I could, I’d spend every day seaside with a cocktail in hand, and I know I’m not alone in this! Beach weddings range from ultra casual to semi-formal and have a very peaceful, ethereal feel. Not to mention the backdrop is absolutely gorgeous! Here are some guidelines to follow when choosing a beach wedding theme.