Category: Wedding Planning

What to Include on Your Wedding Website

A wedding website is a really fun way to keep everyone in the loop about your wedding details. Some brides even use it as a way to collect RSVPs. Choose a site theme that reflects your wedding colors and what type of wedding you’ll have.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

Just like clothing, bridal gowns are cut in all different ways, and not every style will fit your body type… and there’s nothing wrong with that! We’ve created this guideline to give you a starting point for what wedding dress style fits your body type the best.

Wedding Thank You Cards FAQ

Your guests have not only celebrated your big day with you, but they’ve also (hopefully) given a gift. No matter how small the gesture, a thank you card is a must. It’s tough to get started with the thank you cards, but once you get rolling, keep going every day until you’re done.