how to choose the best wedding dress by body type

How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

Just like clothing, bridal gowns are cut in all different ways, and not every style will fit your body type… and there’s nothing wrong with that! We’ve created this guideline to give you a starting point for what wedding dress style fits your body type the best.

A-line: Curvy and athletic figures look great in A-line gowns because they create a stunning hourglass shape.

Ball Gown: Curvy, athletic, and slim bodies all look great in ball gowns, but try to avoid this if you’re petite. Very slim women should avoid huge skirts because it can make your body look disproportionate. Curvy and athletic brides look stunning in a dropped waist.

Column: A column gown is formfitting throughout the entire bodice, making it a great look for tall or short brides with a sleek body.

Empire: An empire gown’s skirt starts just beneath the chest and flows outward. This is a great option for curvy brides, but make sure that the seam hits just under the chest, on the thinnest part of your torso; if it hits too high or too low, it can look like a maternity gown.

Grecian: Flowing fabrics make curvy and athletic brides look absolutely dreamy.

Mermaid: These gowns are great for petite and tall slim brides because they can create womanly curves. Shorter brides should avoid dropped waistlines that give the illusion of shorter legs. Add a belt mid-waist to create extra curves.

Trumpet: Tall and slim and tall and curvy bodies look statuesque in a trumpet gown.

Obviously, you can veer from this list as you please. As long as you feel beautiful in the gown that you wear, that’s all that really matters.

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