Wedding Thank You Cards FAQ

Wedding Thank You Cards and Bridal Shower Thank You Cards FAQ

Your guests have not only celebrated your big day with you, but they’ve also (hopefully) given a gift. No matter how small the gesture, a thank you card is a must. It’s tough to get started with the thank you cards, but once you get rolling, keep going every day until you’re done.

Q: Where do I get nice thank you cards?
A: Wedding Paper Divas, Minted, and Exclusively Weddings all have great options for thank you cards. You can even personalize some of them with one of your wedding photos.

Q: How long do I have to send them out?
A: You technically have up until one year after the wedding to get them out, but you really should have them sent within six months before people start to think you aren’t sending one at all. I recommend getting started on them as soon as you’re back and settled from your honeymoon. If you’re sending a bridal shower thank you card, you’ll  need to make sure the card is going to be received before the wedding takes place.

Q: How much do I have to write?
A: This will depend entirely on how close you are and what role they played in your wedding (for example, your MOH thank you should be much longer than a distant relative.) You should write a minimum of a few sentences, and there really is no max: if someone really helped you out and you want to write a thank you letter, go for it! It will be so appreciated.

Q: How do I keep track of who gave us what?
A: Your Maid of Honor should keep a list of what you get/who got it for you at your shower. As you’re opening wedding gifts and cards, keep a list the same as your MOH did at your shower. As you finish writing someone’s thank you card, cross their name off the list.

Q: Who writes the thank you cards?
A: For bridal shower thank you cards, the bride writes them. For wedding thank you cards…this one is completely up to you and your new spouse. The way my husband and I did it: If it was his guest, he wrote it; if it was my guest, I wrote it; and if it was a guest for both of us, I wrote it, because I enjoy writing more than he does… and my handwriting is much better. 🙂

Q: What do I write in the cards?
A: It can be tough to find the right words, especially if you’ve been writing them for a while. If they came to the wedding or shower, thank them for coming, and if they couldn’t come, say sorry they couldn’t make it and that they were missed. Always reference the gift they gave and express lots of gratitude. If you remember a special moment from the event that included them, reference it! Always end it with an additional thank you and that you hope to see/speak to them soon. If you’re totally tapped out on what to say, try giving it to your significant other to write.

No matter what you end up saying, just remember that your guests shared in a special day between you and your spouse, and that will be a memory that you will all treasure for years to come.