Why You Shouldn’t Play It Safe With Your Engagement Photos

My husband and I are bona fide goofballs that are more interested in laughing at each other than looking like “the perfect couple”, so when it came time to discuss engagement photos, we both kind of rolled our eyes at the idea. We’re not really the kind of people who walk in a meadow holding hands as the sun sets (is anyone? …why?), but then he came up with an interesting idea: what if we did a photo shoot that we could *gasp* have FUN with?

110113_015 - Version 3
We had a hard time keeping straight faces

We’re both non-traditional people. We don’t care about adhering to standards set by society, and we do what we want to do; we’re a modern couple…the opposite of the 50s household, where the husband goes to work from 9-5, and the wife takes care of the house (in heels!) and has dinner on the table by the time he gets home. So, why not do a photo shoot where we bring it back old school?

110113_065 - Version 3
Am I doing this right?

Our photographer made sure to get a few romantic shots that were sure to appease our parents, but overall, the photos are nontraditional. I didn’t have the desire to take engagement photos that look exactly like everyone else’s….and I am so happy that we didn’t. Our photos are unique, but more importantly, they’re us.

110113_080 - Version 5
Lucy & Desi

There’s nothing wrong with traditional engagement photos…but you’re celebrating your union as a couple. Shouldn’t your photos reflect the kind of people you are together? If you’re super romantic people, then yeah, go for that…but if you aren’t, don’t force it just because that’s what you think should do. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of formal shots at the wedding. Choose a photographer who will let you do what you want to do, and have some fun with it…you’ll love the pictures that much more!

The photo we used for our Save-the-Dates

All photos by Jeffrey Lewis Bennett from jlbwedding.com.