I Do wedding shoe stickers

I Do Wedding Shoe Stickers with Rhinestone Blue Crystals

I Do Wedding Shoe Stickers are the perfect touch of “something blue.” These stickers are a whimsical addition that makes getting married that much more fun!

  • No need to use any glue and get sticky fingers with glue, they are self-adhesive. Easy, just gently peel off the clear plastic and place where you want on your shoes.
  • Decorate your shoes so that your Fancy ‘I do’ stickers put them upside down on the shoe soles so the wedding crowd can read them when the bride is kneeling during the ceremony.
  • Great for the photo opportunity for the Wedding day.
  • Perfect gift for that ‘Something Blue’ for the bride.
  • Put the Fancy ‘I Do’ sticker on the toast wine glasses on the special day
  • You have so many Photo opportunities you will be glad you got our Fancy ‘I Do’ stickers.
  • Don’t let the Groom miss out with our Fancy ‘Me Too’ Stickers also Available. Why should he be left out! It is so fun for a groom with a sense of humor.

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